Concerning a Coffee Shop at the Coop

October 20, 2012

One of the things being considered for the coop is a coffee shop, perhaps with a small bakery. The question was raised about whether having a for-profit vendor on site takes away from the non-profit ideals of a coop. Since the farmers that we will buy our produce from are … [continue reading]

Proposition 37

October 8, 2012

Genetically modified food is a topic of interest to many who would shop at or belong to a food coop, as well as the farmers who would grow our produce. Read this article from the Huffington Post and tell us what you think:

Moving forward . . . 

October 6, 2012

At our October 15th steering committee meeting we will be discussing a very important issue: The meaning of membership at Electric City Food Co-op, specifically, will members get discounts at the register, or will there be annual payments based on the amount of money the store takes in and the … [continue reading]