November 29, 2012

I’m not doing a great job of weekly updates, but I will note that Kat is hosting 3 bylaws sessions at her house Monday, December 3, 4th and 6th at 7 pm if you would like to participate. If you haven’t been to meetings previously, use this website to send … [continue reading]

Talking Points

November 19, 2012

With all of the other big groceries around, is there a place in the economy for a small grocery? YES! There is more to consider than organic vegetable sources in this endeavor. Solutions, a newsletter dedicated to helping coops might answer some of your questions about why a coop is … [continue reading]


November 16, 2012

One of the discussions at our meeting this week, while trying to find just the right words to use in our bylaws, was the issue of sustainability. If you want to read more about that concept as it pertains to food (sustainability can be applied to a broad range of … [continue reading]


November 14, 2012

At last night’s steering committee meeting 10 attendees wrestled with the bylaws, working primarily on the purpose and membership sections. We wanted the purpose section to be clear enough so that once the founding members are no longer at the helm, their purpose could serve as a guide. In deciding … [continue reading]


November 2, 2012

Thanks to all who have responded to the online survey.There have been 464 responses. 261 have indicated they are likely to purchase memberships and 163 have indicated they are likely to volunteer. This is great news! The feasibility study has worked out — with no bank loans. That means we … [continue reading]

Now: Weekly Updates!

November 1, 2012

A request was made through a contact form for weekly progress reports in blog format. That sounds like a great idea to us, so from now on, we’ll let you know what’s new on a weekly basis. The suggestion was also made to include calls for volunteers for specific projects. … [continue reading]