Future Events: Real and Imagined

June 25, 2014

Reaching our first goal of 100 members means that building community through events becomes and even more exciting prospect. With a little free time this afternoon I began researching what other co-ops are doing with and for their members. Here are a few ideas: Book clubs on food gardening and … [continue reading]

A Tale of Two Cakes

June 15, 2014

After all my talk about too much sugar, I had to order a cake for a retirement party this past week. In the past I would have gone right to a local chain grocery store , but this time I happened to know that many of the attendees are vegan, … [continue reading]

Time Management and Education

June 1, 2014

One of the points Daniel B. makes in his response to After 10 Days, Now What, that when parents have no time to prepare nutritious meals , they turn to meals like sugary cereal and milk, boxed mac and cheese, fast carry out, that all have too many non-nutritious calories … [continue reading]