Board of Directors

Kat Wolfram Photo

Katherine (Kat) Wolfram, President: Retired biologist, educator and public school administrator; Former Board member of Habitat for Humanity and ECOS; graduate of Entrepreneur Bootcamp COC

Chris Marney Photo

Chris Marney, Vice President: Chef (SCCC Culinary 2013), Real Estate Agent, Co-Owner of Chris Squared Management (web support), Legal Aide, Student at Albany Law School (2019). Co-owner of property on Barrett Street, serves on Historic District Commission, President Boulevard Appreciation Neighborhood Association (BANA), Lead ECFC Site Selection Team

Linda Murray, Secretary: Real estate development, facilities planning and commercial construction, Volunteer with CCE Central Park as Master Recycler & Composter, ECFC Site Selection Team

Matt Robbins, Director: Owner of Happy Cappuccino, Manager of Schindler Elevator, 20-year National Guard service, dedicated to plant-based lifestyle, local small businesses, and drumming

Adine Viscusi Photo

Adine Viscusi, Director: Owner of Casa Visco, serves on City’s Manufacturing Committee, ECFC Site Selection Team

Karen Radley Photo

Karen Radley, Director: Assistant Manager of Union College Bookstore, Yoga instructor, Activist for Schenectady Peace Project

Lisa Simmons Photo

Lisa Simmons, Director: Serves currently as a Crime Prevention Specialist with Union College Campus Safety. She is a Retired City of Albany Police Officer, with 20 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, and Community Relations.

Alicia Brabazon-Curtin Photo

Alicia Brabazon-Curtin, Director: BS in International Business, Logistics and German & MS degree in Education Administration, Master Gardener, yoga instructor, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Advocate of sustainability.

Leadership Team

Chris White Photo

Chris White, Marketing Advisor & Web Support: Associate Commissioner for New York State, Co-Owner of Chris Squared Management (web support), Owner of The Chris White Studio

Tiffany Friguletto, Treasurer: CPA, Auditor with US DHHS OIG, Bookkeeper Pirri Builders

Sarah Zamani, Bookkeeper: Auditor with US DHHS OIG