Join the Electric City Food Co-Op

Join the Electric City Food Co-op as we build a new co-operative market featuring local, organic and sustainably produced natural foods. Support your regional economy and experience the difference.

When we open, you will benefit from:

Join as a Member/Owner: We are ready to collect membership fees and other cash donations. See our Bylaws Page and download a Member-Owner Application.

on Square Market
on Square Market
on Square Market

If you join us at a higher dollar amount ($500) we will use the amount over $200 to help us promote the coop, pay insurance, taxes and other expenses. Our board is all volunteer, so none of your money goes to pay people.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Join our Food Cooperative before it exists?

Because it’s like the chicken and the egg. If we don’t have member’s financial support, we can’t apply for grants or loans. No money, no coop.