Angela Williams

Board Member

photo of Angela Williams

Angela Williams is the CEO of Strong Owls Inc. a non profit organization that works with women in marginalized communities. She is a life coach with a passion for seeing individuals be productive, passionate, positive forces for positive lasting change within their home and communities. Working for such organizations as Catholic Charities, Albany United Methodist Society and now the City Mission of Schenectady, she has witnessed the impact that people can have on a community while leading with love, compassion, education and consistency. As a catalyst for change and mentor to others, she believes that one person can affect change by building partnerships and bridges in communities that will benefit generations to come.

Why did you join the team at the Electric City Food Co-Op?
I joined the team at Electric City Food Co op because I want to help educate youth and families on the importance of healthy eating. My desire is that through education and placement of a Community-Owned Grocery Store in Schenectady, generational thoughts on eating will change. Many families survive on microwave food that is filled with preservatives, sodium and GMO's, which contribute to many illnesses within marginalized communities. To facilitate educational programs that focus on healthy eating and the rewards that come with that practice for the body, will potentially change the paradigm of health in many families.

What excites you about Schenectady?
I am excited and blessed to live in Schenectady, NY. The historic footprint here with the Architecture, Canal, General Electric, Entertainment and Culture is beautiful. The tapestry of many traditions, cuisines and opportunities for building business is an open door to a place families can thrive when given the chance, education and space to grow.