Chad Currin

Vice President

photo of Chad Currin

Why did you join the team at the Electric City Food Co-Op?
I love food and I prefer locally sourced, locally grown, locally made food whenever possible. I prefer supporting farms and farmers not “big ag”. I joined ECFC because of shared values. I joined the board because I was/am interested in helping get ECFC off the ground and ready to serve the people of Schenectady.

What excites you about Schenectady?
I love Schenectady. I was born and raised here. I, in turn, started and raised my family here. I have seen Schenectady through it’s ups and downs and I believe Schenectady is coming back strong with lots of dedicated people working on great projects. I want ECFC to be a part of Schenectady’s rebound, especially downtown.