Eric Johnson – President


photo of Eric Johnson – President

Eric Johnson recently moved back home to Schenectady after 29 years in Colorado. During that time, he has worked on food access issues and served on the Board of Directors of two food cooperatives in metro Denver. He has a passion for developing high performing and loving teams and works as a project manager as his craft. He is passionate about the opening and successful operation of a cooperative in Schenectady.

Why did you join the team at the Electric City Food Co-Op?
Simply, to make sure that we can provide a community owned grocery store in downtown Schenectady. The benefits of such a store is beyond initial comprehension.

What excites you about Schenectady?
Having grown up in Schenectady during the decline related to the manufacturing sector, I recall the great times in our city. I’ve watched this city move toward greatness in the last several years. Our city is alive and full of great people who want to work together to make our city better than ever.