Latyonia Lee

Board Member

photo of Latyonia Lee

Introducing Latyonia Lee: A culinary enthusiast with a profound passion for cooking and baking, inspired by cherished memories of her mother, grandmother, and aunties preparing delicious meals for family holidays. Using the inspiration and expertise passed on to her, she practiced and perfected her craft, eventually establishing L's Simplygoodness in April 2018, a testament to her exceptional desserts that have garnered praise from all. Now, she brings her creativity and dedication to the Electric City Co-op as a board member, ready to contribute her unique perspective and experiences to the community. Latyonia also finds joy in gardening, running & spending time with her three grandchildren.

Why did you join the team at the Electric City Food Co-Op?
I joined the team at the Electric City Food Co-Op due to my strong desire to make a positive impact on our community. With a profound commitment to helping others and a deep understanding of our local area, I felt that my skills and dedication would be valuable assets to the Electric City Food Co-Op team.
 I just LOVE BEEing cooperative!

What excites you about Schenectady?
What excites me about Schenectady is its remarkable progression and direction. Having moved to the area as a young teenager in 1977, particularly in Hamilton Hill, and residing on the upper north-side near the Central Park Rose Garden since 1997, I deeply appreciate the beauty and charm of my neighborhood and community. Engaging in regular jogging, walking, and running allows me to fully embrace the city's allure. Moreover, I find joy in the cultural richness of the festivals and community events, as they are genuinely culturally responsive and inclusive, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community.