A New Grocery Store Is Coming That Will Transform Downtown Schenectady | Are You In?

June 23, 2023

The Electric City Food Co-Op is a New Grocery Store Coming to  Downtown Schenectady.

It Will Be Owned & Operated By Members of the Community!

3 Ways You Can Be a Part of it Right Now

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3. Become A Member-Owner   This is the fastest way to get us open! Join your neighbors, get your seat at the table, and own a piece of the co-op! Although everyone will be welcome to shop at the co-op, only Member-Owners enjoy ownership and governance rights.

For only $25, you can join right now → click here

What is a Food Co-op You Ask?

In the most simple terms, a food co-op is a grocery store that is jointly-owned and democratically governed by its member-owners – by the people, for the people. It’s everything a traditional grocery store is and more because it prioritizes the needs of the community!

Each food co-op has it’s own flavor – Learn more about the Electric City Food Co-op here.


Why join the Electric City Food Co-op?

Check out our top-ten list of reasons to get fired up about becoming a Member-Owner with ECFC!

What’s so special about community-owned grocery store?

To learn more about the power of food cooperatives and why a community-owned grocery store will make a difference in the Electric City, click here.