It’s not just food.
It’s community.
441 Member-Owners and Counting!

Together, we are building a new co-operative market in Downtown Schenectady that will feature local, organic and sustainably produced natural foods to support our regional and local economy while helping our community by creating a local food revolution.
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Creating a solution to address Downtown Schenectady as a Healthy Food Priority Area is a collaborative regional initiative, and we are laser-focused on supporting local and regional economic growth.

Electric City Food Co-op has been working since 2013 to bring a new cooperative market to Downtown Schenectady featuring local, organic, and sustainably produced natural foods. Creating a local food revolution that supports the local and regional economy, farmers, and families requires your support and membership:

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Why a Co-Op?

Across the nation and around the world, co-operative food markets are changing how food is getting from farms to tables. These grocery stores are small-scale, owner-operated, democratically run purveyors of locally grown food from small-scale producers.

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We are a true community, owned by the same people who live and work here in Downtown Schenectady and the Capital Region. When we open, member-owners will benefit from:

  • A like-minded community that cares about local, healthy food
  • Expanded social awareness of health and nutritional information and programs
  • Opportunities to Share and Absorb Knowledge cooperatively
  • Participate in Co-op governance — vote in annual elections, run for the Board of Directors, or join a Committee or Sub-Committee.
  • Special discounts from vendors passed down to members
  • Patronage refunds based on usage
  • Discounts on co-op classes and events

Please support our mission – “to cultivate the health, self-sufficiency, and sustainability of our community”

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Co-op Facts

  • Co-ops support many more local farms and producers
  • Multiplier effects (positive community impact) higher than conventional grocers
  • Co-ops create jobs, directly and indirectly
  • Every dollar goes back to the community and helps it grow
  • Co-ops support consumers’ desire to be selective with where their money goes
  • Member-owners get a voice
  • Our food is not just healthy, it’s healthy and affordable
  • Co-ops have a built-in commitment to reduce income inequality
  • Co-ops donate more food to local pantries

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