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Our future depends on your support!

Rather than being owned by a corporation, family, or individual, grocery co-ops are owned and managed by the community members who shop there. When you become a member-owner, you gain the right to weigh in on how the co-op is run, and when the coop thrives financially, you benefit, too.

In short, by becoming a Member-Owner today, you can join ECFC’s movement to:

When we open, Member-Owners will benefit from:

Ready to learn more about becoming a member-owner?

Please join us on Monday, November 28, 4pm-6pm, to learn more about our newly proposed affordable membership opportunities!  In the meantime (before existing Member-Owners vote on proposed membership cost changes) we invite those of you who are moved to invest in the coop to explore our original options below.  Please note: every Member-Owner has an equal vote, regardless of investment-level. 

Pledging Member-Owner

Pay in monthly installments

• Pay over time
• Voting rights upon completion

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Full EquityMember-Owner

$200 (most popular)

• Full membership
• Full voting rights

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Supporting Member-Owner


• Full membership
• $300 gift of support

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If you wish to pay by check, please click here.

Membership is subject to our bylaws the Electric City Food Cooperative, Inc. is not a charitable 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, equity payments are not tax-deductible.