Become A Co-op Member-Owner

one person handing someone an apple


Why join the Electric City Food Co-op today?  Our Member Relations Committee and Board are happy to share a top ten list of reasons to get fired up about being (and becoming!) an active Member-Owner with ECFC:

  1. Open a grocery store in downtown Schenectady in 2023!
  2. Expand access to fresh, affordable local food to nourish people we care about!
  3. Promote and support our local farmers, artisans, food producers and vendors!
  4. Create meaningful employment in downtown Schenectady!
  5. Reinvest in our community and local economy!
  6. Care for our local ecosystems/environment!
  7. Vote for a community-owned grocery store aligned with your needs and aspirations!
  8. Cultivate our community power!
  9. Relish Schenectady’s diverse cultures, communities, and culinary traditions!
  10. Host nutritional education & cultural cooking demonstrations!

The more members we have, the stronger our community will be!

What’s so special about a community-owned, cooperative grocery store? Rather than being owned by a corporation, family, or individual, grocery co-ops are owned and managed by the community members who shop there. When you become a member-owner, you gain the right to weigh in on how the co-op is run, and when the coop thrives financially, you benefit, too.

When we open, Member-Owners will benefit from:


If you wish to pay by check, please click here.

Membership is subject to our bylaws the Electric City Food Cooperative, Inc. is not a charitable 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, equity payments are not tax-deductible.